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Logical Security systems based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) provide a strong security layer to program access and assure data integrity across the disparate internal processes that involve information flow.

Nodalblock’s cybersecurity platform provides secure Digital IDs for customers and employees. It automates the routine tasks required for Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures using facial recognition, photo ID verification and data extraction to auto-fill forms. This reduces the time and cost of KYC while giving your customers the convenience of a seamless digital signature. A Digital ID combined with encrypted communications can reduce the risk of cyberattacks such as Business Email Compromise, which has cost global businesses over $12 billion according to the FBI.

Identity management and the safeguarding of data are critical functions of all organizations. Traditional solutions are increasingly incapable of providing both the user experience and level of security required by today’s business environment. This trend is evidenced by the growing frequency of massive data breaches which in turn expose businesses and consumers to increased risk of identity theft.

Nodalblock’s Digital ID system enables the next phase of digital transformation. From Single Sign On (SSO) solutions to fully decentralized Self-Sovereign Digital Identity, our technology can revolutionize how your organization authenticates and authorizes the flow of digital information.

Nodalblock is an accredited third-party Trust Service Provider (TSP), under the European Parliament regulation No. 910/2014. Our services are fully compliant with eIDAS and GDPR regulations. We never store files, biometric data, or any other Personal Identifying Information on a public blockchain.